Balcony Gardening

Why you deserve a balcony garden

A green spot in the concrete jungle is a refreshing scenery. Not just to the eyes but to the mind, body and the soul! There’s a personal advantage when it comes to balcony gardening. It’s a step you take towards yourself, your health and your loved ones. Bringing greenery up close into your personal space is one of the simplest mindfulness exercises you can give yourself. 

Apart from the oxygen the plants breathe out, the positive energy they bring into your space is immense. Here are some benefits that will help your considerations for building your very own balcony garden: 

A Zen space 

Where do you wind down after a long day’s work? After a day in the middle of the concrete jungle and technology, you need a haven to relax and gather yourself. With a balcony garden, you have the option to turn off the racing switch and breathe in the fresh air. Surround yourself with the goodness of the green and create your own escape. 

A place for picnics 

When you want to spend quality time with your friends or family, you don’t always want to step out into the traffic and pollution. Sometimes you just need a low-maintenance, blissful space to hang out with your loved ones over a cuppa. A balcony garden is the perfect picnic spot, at the comfort of your own house. 

A mindful step 

In a world guided by routines and repeat tasks, your balcony garden is a small but impactful step you can take towards adding a touch of mindfulness to your day. Just the exercise of checking the health of your plants, watering them and pausing to enjoy something that you nurtured lifts up your spirits in no time.  

Healthier eating 

In case you have decided to grow a kitchen garden, you’re in luck! Often the vegetables and greens from the markets are ridden with pesticides harmful to us. When you grow your own vegetables or greens at home, you’re investing your effort into healthier eating every day. And hey, food tastes way better when you grow them on your own!

Breathes life into your home  

When you build a balcony garden, you add a living element into your very own home. One that breathes life – literally and figuratively. That’s why, whether it’s a party, a gathering or just for your own delight – a balcony garden brings your space alive.

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