Balcony Gardening

The beginner’s guide to Balcony Gardening

If you have decided to start a garden in your balcony, that’s fabulous! While beginning your own garden is a wonderful decision, it could seem daunting for a beginner to figure out everything on your own. Let’s help you with a framework through this beautiful green journey.  

Here’s a basic guide to how to start your balcony garden. 

What’s your theme?

While it’s perfectly okay to grow your balcony garden with any plants of your choice, it’s fun if it’s based on a theme. Do you wish to build a garden with flowers or one that also has vegetables and herbs growing along with them? Or is it only ornamental plants and succulents? Once you settle on the theme, you’ve the right combination of plants to start with. 

The planters 

Each balcony is unique. And so, there’s no set formula for what pots and containers work best. Gauge the size and style of the balcony and buy your pots. You can either use grow bags or planters. For areas that can’t withstand too much weight, it’s advisable to go for coco-peat planters that are light weight. If your balcony area is restricted, use vertical stands to hold pots for optimizing the utility of the space. 

Think vertically

Gardening at home allows you to think creatively. Especially, when you have limited space.  Use old racks or simply make DIY panels to add a dimension to your garden. Use baskets to hang different plants to accentuate your balcony garden’s beauty.

Lighting in your balcony

Before choosing saplings, step into your balcony and assess the lighting it receives. While sunny balconies are a boon for most plants, spaces with low-sunlight are best suited for shade-loving plants. Strong winds can cause damage to your garden so plan the placement of your plants accordingly.

Balcony with furniture

Do you already have furniture in your balcony? Spend some time to figure out if you can use your existing furniture to build your new garden. For example, if it’s fixed furniture then can you hang a planter? Or you might wish to integrate creepers within your current setup.

Freshly furnishing your balcony 

If you’re doing up your balcony or starting afresh, there are some furniture decisions you can make to beautify your garden. Buy light-coloured furniture as they heat slowly under sunlight. Use furniture that’s flexible and foldable to accommodate more pots. It would be ideal if you could rethink your colours to match the theme of your balcony garden. 

Happy gardening! 

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