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5 ways of to check the purity of milk

For most of us, milk is an indispensable part of our diet. But for a long time, we’ve often wondered if the milk we receive or buy in stores is as fresh as it is claimed. 

Milk can be adulterated with detergent, water, starch or urea. 

How can you tell if milk is pure? To find out, here are 5 ways to check the purity of milk at home.

5 Easy tests


Synthetic milk can be easily identified by its bad odour. All one has to do is take a sniff of the sample of milk. If it emits a soapy odour, and is soapy in texture, the milk may contain traces of chemicals.


Pure milk is naturally sweet. If the milk in your fridge tastes bitter or sour, then it is either stale or has possibilities of being adulterated with detergent and soda.


Milk may be adulterated with water to increase its volume. To test the presence of water, put a drop of milk on a slanted surface and let it flow. If it leaves a trail behind, it is not pure.


To test the presence of starch in your milk, add 2 tablespoons of salt to 5 ml of milk. If the sample turns blue, it indicates the presence of starch.


Urea is a dangerous chemical which may be added to milk since it doesn’t affect its taste or colour. To find out if the milk has been adulterated, mix half a tablespoon of the milk with soyabean powder and shake it well. Dip a litmus paper for a few seconds and if there is a change in colour from red to blue, the milk contains urea.

So the next time you purchase milk, you’ll be sure it’s pure! 

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