Balcony Gardening

How to become the fanciest balcony gardener in town?

With changing times, DIY gardens are becoming the in-thing for home improvement. The current notion with balcony gardening is that you can only grow the most basic plants, vegetables, herbs and fruits. But on the contrary, there are many popular favourites you can grow in your balcony garden and therefore become self-sufficient.


Strawberries do very well in containers despite popular opinion that they need a lot of room. They are among the best plants to grow in pots and work wonders even indoors. Make sure to choose a sunny spot or place it by a window. You’ll also need a large container, enough to handle additional growth.


When we think of growing bananas, we usually think of the tropics. You can actually grow bananas right inside your house all year round. Dwarf bananas are also perennials – which ensure you’ll have a supply of bananas year after year. The container however needs to be deep enough to drain the excess water. Bananas are actually perfect for balconies and you can also grow them indoors in the winter. 


Quinoa is a whole grain that is packed with nutrients and in addition, a super container-friendly plant. It’s perfect for growing indoors or in balcony gardens. Plant the seeds directly into the potting soil and harvest them regularly. They are very low maintenance which makes them perfect for balcony gardening.


Who said you need to visit the supermarket for asparagus? Asparagus is among the easiest plants to grow at home and doesn’t require a lot of attention or care. All you need is a large enough pot to accommodate the plant – the depth can be shallow but ensure that the diameter is relatively large. Just sit the planters out on the balcony for some sunlight every day.

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