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How to ensure coconut oil is pure!

Versatile, natural, healthy – three words to describe coconut oil, one of the most used oils in India. Used in cooking, Ayurveda and many other applications, coconut oil is a favourite of many. However, commercially available coconut oil is subject to adulteration, and to avoid such products, here are a few tests to ensure its purity.

3 Easy tests


Adulterated coconut oil will have a yellowish hue as compared to pure coconut oil, which is transparent.


Heat a small amount of coconut oil in a pan. If it starts frothing at a low temperature, and gives out a burnt smell, it is impure.


Take a small amount of coconut oil in a bottle and leave it in the fridge for an hour. If it is impure, the adulterant will float as a layer above the solid coconut oil.

So the next time you purchase coconut oil, you’ll be sure it’s pure! 

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