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3 ways to test the purity of chilli powder

Red chillies are one of the most commonly used spices. In their powdered form, they are often used in Indian curries to add flavour and a rich colour. However, adulterants are mostly added to chili powder to increase its bulk and also to enhance its colour. So, here are 3 easy ways to see if the chili powder is pure or not.

3 Easy tests


Dissolve a teaspoon of chili powder in water. If the solution turns red, the chilli powder is adulterated with brick powder.


Sprinkle some chilli powder at the bottom of the glass. If it feels gritty, it could be an indicator of brick powder.


Add a few drops of iodine solution to some chilli powder. If it turns blue, it confirms the presence of starch. 

So the next time you purchase chilli powder, you’ll be sure it’s pure! 

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