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5 quick tests to check how pure your honey is

Honey is the only food item which can never go bad. How grateful we are for this golden elixir! With plenty of health benefits, honey is an absolute delight and so versatile too. However, commercially sold honey may be adulterated with additives like glucose solution, cane sugar, rice syrup, high fructose corn syrup, enzymes from corn and beet or water. So here are 5 easy tests you can conduct to know how pure your store-bought honey is. 



Add a tablespoon of honey to a glass of water. Pure honey will settle down as lumps at the bottom of the glass, due to its heavy density.


Smear a small amount of honey on your thumb. If it’s impure, the honey will drip or spread around your thumb, just like other liquids. Pure honey will always stick to your thumb.


On applying heat to some honey in a pan, it’ll caramelise quickly without forming any foam or bubbles. Adulterated honey may not caramelise and instead foam up.


Pure honey is inflammable. To test its purity, dip a dry matchstick in honey and light it. Honey adulterated with water will not burn, thus proving its adulteration.


Honey tainted with water will be absorbed by a material like blotting paper, whereas pure honey will remain on the paper as it is.

In addition to this, adulterated honey will have a lingering taste of sweetness after you’ve swallowed it.

How to buy clean honey?

Here ae some ways to avoid buying adulterated honey from the market. 

  • Always choose brands of repute; look for the ISI mark and certifications.
  • Read the label carefully. Words like ‘organic’ and ‘certified organic’ assure quality as they can only be used when the product meets standards set by the authorities. 
  • Check the ingredients on the label. Make sure you understand the nature of the content. 

So the next time you purchase honey, you’ll be sure it’s pure!

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