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5 Indian vegetables to grow in your balcony garden

Growing vegetables may sound daunting. That too in the limited space of a balcony! The good news is some of our Indian vegetables are quite accommodating and thrive in smaller spaces as well. Especially, root vegetables need more depth than height and therefore are ideal to grow in containers. And the greatest advantage is that they are relatively low maintenance. 

Although a variety of our vegetables grow well in the Indian weather conditions, here are few vegetables you could start within your space. 


Onions grow very well in balcony gardens, it’s just that they need more space. Make sure your planter is at least 5 inches deep which will help you grow a bulb-sized onion. Plant the onion sets in the potting soil and you should be able to get several with at least an inch in between. The stems and flowers add flavour to the cooking as well.


Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, or any other cole crops grow well in balcony gardens. These are among the easiest of all vegetables to grow. Plant it in an independent container so that they will thrive. Ensure that the pot is at least eight inches deep and about eighteen inches wide in order for cauliflower to grow to its best. Make arrangements for adequate drainage and plenty of sunlight every day. 


Beetroots are your balcony garden’s best friend as they grow well in most conditions. These vegetables grow undisturbed, so the pot you use should be able to accommodate the plant’s growth. Beets will require periodic weeding out and what you’ll get is an unlimited supply all year long. 


Carrots can be easily grown in your balcony garden and they will thrive throughout the year when cared for properly. Carrots seeds should be planted thinly as they grow untamed. Be sure to water them but be careful not to overwater. Growing carrots in the balcony is much like growing them in the ground. These pots need to have holes for draining out the water and you’ll see their growth in seven days or so. 


Tomatoes grow really well in balcony gardens. If you love fresh tomatoes, you can easily grow them in a medium-sized pot. A pro tip –  as the stem is delicate, add extra support with a cane stick as the plant gets taller. You can allow them to grow along the balcony railing with some support.


Potatoes thrive in containers. Use 20-litre buckets to plant them and drill holes in the bottom so that your potatoes don’t get overwatered. The deeper the container, the better they grow. In three months, you can expect baby potatoes. A naturally wilted stem indicates the time to harvest.

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