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4 Reasons Why Container Gardening Is Gaining Popularity

Living in an apartment is no more an excuse to stay away from gardening – because container gardening is here. This practice sprouted at a time of increased urbanisation and thereby a lack of space. While necessity was the mother of this innovation, its popularity can be attributed to several advantages that it comes with.

Listed below are some of the reasons why gardening in pots is gaining momentum: 

• A ready-to-use solution for the modern garden

Container gardening offers several benefits compared to ground planting. Pots eliminate the risk of soil-borne diseases spreading through the field. It must also be noted that weeding and appropriate fertilising in ground maintenance are also eliminated, allowing one to grow plants without spending too much time. It offers flexibility and mobility for an amateur enthusiast, and also allows for the use of self-watering pots. Moreover, ready-made potting soil mixes with instructions for care for every plant purchased online or at the local nursery make this task simple and effective. Flower lovers can choose plants that thrive in pots like marigolds, petunias, gerbera, roses and even orchids. You can also grow vegetables like chillies, tomatoes and brinjal in containers.  All in all, container gardening requires lesser time and effort to see the same satisfying results as conventional gardening. 

• An aesthetic solution to interior design and space planning

Apart from its reputation as a space-saving concept, container gardening allows for the use of unusual plants in unusual pots. Breaking rules and monotony, hand-painted terracotta pots on terraces and balconies makes for a pleasing visual all the while contributing to a greener aura. Windowsills filled with bright pastel boxes flowing with bougainvillea, unconventionally designed pots growing snake plant and jade plant; all of this complements contemporary homes. In many homes little glass bowls and sometimes even broken glass-ware are used to house plants. The usage of quirky pieces and places for container gardening has almost become the norm in urban spaces, both residential and commercial.

• Farm-to-table at its best

In the wake of the clean eating and living movement, container gardening finds itself as an enabler of the lifestyle with its several easy-to-grow greens. Most herbs and leafy greens including palak, basil, mint and dhaniya are very well suited to grow in pots. They require little care. Vegetables and fruits like cherry tomatoes, radishes, okra and green beans also show immense success in containers but require a little more care. Medicinal herbs like tulsi, ginger, aloe vera and even lemongrass are a great hit as they thrive in pots.

• The friend and loyal companion of organic gardening

The formula for organic gardening is simple – a pot that has good drainage for the chosen plant, an organic potting mix including coco peat, bone meal and regular doses of organic fertilisers. The way to grow almost every single plant organically is well-documented on the internet. You can easily find information about the exact mixtures of soil and the most elaborate how-to guides that make it easy for beginners.

For a world that’s constantly on the move, taking your garden wherever you go is quite important. With container gardening, taking your greens with you has never been easier. So, get potting!

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