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Soya carrot pancakes

A simple way to take the delight of dessert and turn it into a healthy lunch box recipe for kids, soya carrot pancakes is an easy way to sneak the vegetables into a fussy eater’s diet.


● 2 tbsp boiled, peeled and grated carrot
● ¼ cup rice flour
● 2 tbsp urad dal
● 2 tbsp soya flour
● 1 ½ tsp sesame seeds
● Sugar to taste. You can also use brown sugar or jaggery
● 3 ½ tsp oil


● Combine all ingredients and add 1 ¼ cups of water to form a thick batter.
● Grease non-stick frying pan with oil.
● Pour 2 tbsp of batter and wait until it is golden brown on the bottom. Flip and repeat the process.
● Allow the pancake to cool completely before packing in the tiffin box. Pack this healthy lunch box recipe for kids with maple or date syrup or a fruit sauce of choice for added taste.

Try these easy Indian tiffin box recipes, or simply start by adding soy flour and soy chunks to your daily recipes to inculcate the values of clean eating at a young age.

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