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3 Delicious Soya Recipes for your kid’s lunch box

Tired of dealing with the fussy eaters at home? Mickey-mouse dosa and chapatti don’t do the trick anymore? If unfinished lunch boxes and stories of food trading in the school cafeteria is your everyday life, then there might be a small respite for you – yes, we are talking about healthier soya lunch box recipes for kids.

Health benefits of soya

Soya is the only vegetarian complete protein food – meaning it contains all 8 essential amino acids. It is also the second-best source of omega-3 fatty acids, a vital ingredient in slowing down the aging process. Moreover, soybeans and soya protein are both gluten-free.

We have taken dishes that are vegetable or grain-filled yet capture the fancy of the fussy eater at home. Below listed are 3 simple Indian tiffin box recipes that are sure to get the kids on the healthy eating path. 

Soya chunks pilaf
Soya falafel with hummus
Soya carrot pancakes

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