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Ragi Dosa

Another breakfast rendition of ragi, this dosa recipe is a no-grind formula. It is easy to include in your daily routine and a must-try source of protein for vegetarians.


• 1 cup sprouted ragi flour

• ½ cup desiccated coconut

• ½ cup yogurt

• chopped coriander

• chopped onions

• salt   

• water

• oil/ghee


• Add ragi flour, desiccated coconut, yogurt and salt in a bowl.

• Add water to the bowl and slowly stir. Keep mixing well until a dosa batter consistency is obtained. (Pancake batter consistency forms thick dosas. Crepe batter consistency will form crispy dosas)

• Rest the batter for 30 minutes in a container with lid/top.

• On a hot griddle or tava, pour the batter and spread slowly with a ladle.

• Dribble oil over the batter. Flip when the batter stops to stick to the pan.

• On the final turn, sprinkle chopped onions and coriander on the open side.

 Ragi dosa is best served with mint/coconut chutney or drumstick sambar. 

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