Clean Food Recipes

Kambu dosai- bajra dosa​


• ½ cup bajra

• ½ cup rice

• ½ cup urad dal

• 6 tsp oil

• salt to taste


 Soak the bajra, rice and dal separately for 4 hours. Drain and blend the dal with a little water to make a smooth paste. 

 Add the bajra and rice and grind again. 

 You may add some water if needed. 

 Cover and keep aside to ferment. 

 Once the batter rises, add salt and dilute with water to get a spreading     consistency. 

 Heat a dosa tava and grease. 

 Pour a ladleful of batter in the centre and spread outwards.

  Drizzle oil along the edges and cook till the edge starts to rise from the pan. 

 Flip and cook for a few minutes. 

 Kambu dosai with coconut chutney is a great breakfast to start your day.

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