10 fruits and vegetables to kickstart your Hydroponics Garden with

Hydroponics is a fascinating method of growing plants although it comes with a bunch of questions. And the first one normally is always, “What can I grow with hydroponics?”. The answer is that you can practically grow anything you’d like. 

That still leaves you with, “Okay, but what do I start with?” So here’s a list of 10 fruits and vegetables you start with.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes, the easiest vegetables to grow at home, and they especially do well in hydroponic systems. Keep in mind that tomatoes, including cherry tomatoes, require a lot of light to grow. Ensure you set up a standalone grow light or you can invest in a cherry tomato growing kit with LED grow lights.


Lettuce are probably the most commonly grown vegetables in Hydroponics.  They grow super fast in a hydroponic system and are easy to take care of. Lettuce thrive in any hydroponics system. If you enjoy a garden salad grown in your own house, this vegetable is a great start with hydroponics.


Spinach is a great addition to almost any diet and is also atop the list of the best plants you can grow hydroponically. Spinach grows well in most water-based gardens. You can harvest your hydroponically-grown spinach all at once, or a little bit at a time. 


Cucumbers enjoy rapid growth under sufficient conditions and will give very high yields. There are several types and sizes of cucumbers and they all grow well in hydroponics systems. Cucumber is a warm plant and it’s essential to supply it with enough light and warm temperature.


Basil grows very well in hydroponic systems and is among the most grown herbs in the system. Once this plant reaches maturity, you harvest and trim on a weekly basis. Basil needs a lot of light with over 11 hours of lighting. 


Blueberries, a great fruit high in vitamins, grow well in hydroponics. This plant takes longer to bear fruits, often until the second year. It’s hard to plant blueberries from seeds, so transplants are recommended.


Mint is one among the best herbs to grow hydroponically or aquaponically. It’s also easy to grow, even if you have no prior experience in hydroponic gardening. 


Peppers are easy to grow indoors. They need a lot of natural sunlight or should be supported by grow lamps. They are well-suited for hydroponic cultivation. If you’re planning on setting up your hydroponic garden in your home, chilli peppers and other smaller pepper varieties would be ideal. 


Say hello to fresh, home-grown strawberries indoors all year! With a well-done hydroponic system, cultivation of strawberries becomes very easy. Refrigerate strawberry starter packs for a month before planting it and the strawberry plant should start producing flowers right away. 

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